7 ideas I learned from Great Mental Models Volume 1

  1. Update your knowledge when there is new information. It may look easy on paper, but the truth, we are stuck in our beliefs and values. Reality is dynamic and it changes all the time. Updating your knowledge is vital to stay consistent with the current reality.
  2. Stick to what you know and know what you don’t know, then ask for help. This refers to the circle of competence. When you operate in what you already know, you are capable of getting your outcomes. When you move outside your skill, you can either learn the basics, ask for help from experts, or use mental models.
  3. Go back to basics. Stay efficient by concentrating only on the essentials. This is a minimalist way of engaging reality. List all the moving parts, then build your foundation using them. Move away from the established assumptions, common knowledge, and conventional wisdom.
  4. Be direct and keep it simple. When you explain ideas in simpler terms, you are most likely correct. KISS
  5. Think about the consequences, not just the results. Start thinking about the effects of the effect. This prevents any unwanted consequences.
  6. People are stupid, not evil — most of the time. When people make mistakes, frame it as stupidity instead of malice. Because of laziness, ignorance, and incompetence, people make errors. Don’t take the offense personally. It is not deliberately aimed at you.
  7. Read between the lines — explore the unknowns. It is just a different way of thinking since you focus on what is missing. This is a counter-intuitive step since we avoid uncertainty and the unknown. If you can’t find the solution, inverse.




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Jeff Mark Maghanoy

Jeff Mark Maghanoy

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